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We offer a thorough training to those interested in becoming a barefoot hoof orthopaedist in several places throughout Germany. During a two year period, we cover 20 themed modules such as hoof and general horse anatomy, hoof pathologies (causes and cures), tools expertise, legal aspects, barefoot trimming aspects (theory and practical training) of horses and donkeys (yes, they are special!). In addition to these modules, each trainee has to travel at least 30 days with a certified DHG Hoof Orthopaedist and work under his/her supervision in order to achieve more routine in trimming horses.

Five case studies of the trainee’s own trimming work, each documented over a period of least five months, have to be presented as a precondition to be admitted to take the final exams. This thorough training throughout at least two years ensures a profound and high-quality knowledge by the graduates about how a barefoot “works” and how it needs to be treated in order to stay or become healthy again and to be enduring.

For further details please refer to our German site.