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Mitglied seit 16. 04. 2017

I live in the U.K. My horse Leo has developed this horrible infection/canker in his feet. It all started after a stone got wedged down the side of his frog without us knowing, when the farrier came to trim them a horrible cauliflower looking substance was present. He has had this really bad infection in three feet with one healing (I'm not 100% it's fully gone in one foot) and still really bad in two one hind and one front both the same side, debridgment has been done twice now and they still look horrid and not hardening up, there doesn't seem to be any puss coming from them but there still soft and incredibly sore for him. Please could you advice me on what best to do next?? Thanks

    Mitglied seit 07. 04. 2014

    Hello Jody,
    sorry for this late reply. Not all of us can answer in English and I was travelling the past days. I hope this answer still reaches you...

    It is difficult to say anything without seeing at least pictures of the situation. We would therefore ask you to take pictures of the hooves (at least the worst one) and load them into this forum.

    We need to see these pictures from the right perspective to be able to comment them. Please have a look in our descrioption of how to take hoof pictures:

    Thanks and more then...
    Regards, Caja

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