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Taking pictures of hooves

  1. Write down which hoof you are photographing (left front, left back, etc.).
  2. The hoof should be totally clean (wash first, then dry thoroughly).
  3. The horse should be placed on level ground (asphalt or concrete surface).
  4. Take the picture on the level of the hoof (camera on the same level).
  5. Photos come out better with full daylight, i.e. try not to use flashlight.

Please take the following pictures of your horse's hooves

  • directly from the front
  • directly from the side
  • pick up the hoof from the ground (best with someone to help) and take a picture of the sole at an angle of 90°
  • add a photo of the whole horse
  • to allow the evaluation of the front hooves, please add a photo of both front hooves in one picture, both placed at the same distance from the camera.

If you send the photos by letter, please write on the back of each photo which hoof it is. Don't forget your name and adress!