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Smokin San Badge – Canadian with coronary fissures

Previous medical history

  • Smokin was born 2002 in Canada
  • 2005 he moved to Germany, into the Eifel
  • In the winter he was in a box at night with daily pasture visits. During the summer months he was outside 24/7
  • In 2007 he was shoed
  • He was regularly used in the hall, outside and on long distance rides
  • September 2008: Change of owner
  • The pre-purchase inspection uncovered a short lateral coronary fissure on the right forehoof. A longer medial split on the left forehoof was already visible for some time
  • Those cracks didn't disturb Smokins walk

Curing the coronary fissures

  • Smokin moved with his new owner into the North of Germany, into an open stable (Sand, wood chips and concrete as floor)
  • At this time the small fissure on the right forehoof had grown into a long crack
  • At the end of Oktober in 2008 his shoes were removed and the Orthopeadic Hoof treatment began
  • In the following winter Smokin was riden out about times a week; his gaits were careful on gras, but his movements were fluid and with a nice momentum. He was lead over rough or very hard undergrounds Smokin was still extremely sensitive and if the ground was frozen he wasn't ridden
  • In the middle of February those rides happened regularly and he could be ridden in the hall again
  • Before Easter Smokin took part in a training week in the Eifel. His walk was impeccable
  • Since then: riding without limitations and without cracks or splits

October 2008

January 2009

June 2009