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Stella - Founder

Previous medical history

  • Stella is a former circus pony and she is about 30 or 40 years old. She is now living with two other ponies in an open stable
  • Stella had chronic laminitis which caused problems even when she was only standing
  • Stella's hooves were treated on Feb. 26, 2005 by a hoof orthopaedic for the first time
  • although a soft rubber mat was laid under her hooves, it often took some minutes before the hoof orthopaedic could lift up her hoof
  • more than half of the walls of both fore hooves were bent upwards, the load was mostly on the outside of the hooves
  • Furthermore, the hooves also developed thrush

Treatment success

  • in the beginning Stella was treated every 2 or 3 weeks, but it was soon obvious that it had to be done more often. The hoof orthopaedic then treated her at least every 2 weeks, sometimes even more often
  • in the meantime Stella's treatment intervals could be extended to 5 weeks
  • Stella enjoys being active again; she trots and gallops according to the condition of the ground but still avoids hard surfaces when necessary.
  • she is still not completely healthy and unfortunately never will be, most probably due to changes in the distal edge of the coffin bone which occurred inevitably because her condition had been hidden for such a long time.
  • Stella no langer has problems in standing, and also the rubber mat has not been needed for quite a long time

Treatment documentation 2005

Febuary 26th, before treatment

Febuary 26th after treatment

March 15th, before treatment

March 15th, after treatment

April 5th, before treatment

April 5th, after treatment

April 19th, before treatment

April 19th, after treatment

May 7th, before treatment

May 7th, after treatment

June 2nd, before treatment

June 2nd, after treatment

June 26th, before treatment

June 26th, after treatment

July 21st, before treatment

July 21st, after treatment

August 18th, before treament

August 18th, after treament